The New Beginning.

“No Text should go unread
No picture should go unseen
No emotion should go unfelt…..”

The color of life is – picture, the value of life is – emotion. An emotion can be shared between people by a word, a piece of art, a hug, a smile and/or sometimes silence.

This blog is a journey of human emotions. A journey that started with ignorance and innocence, wishing to have company, a shoulder to lean on, a friend to share, an appreciative smile, a constructive criticism and above all, the sweetness of bonding – being one among all. Being a voice – that is recognized, a picture – that is appreciated, an emotion that is felt is indeed a gift.

I embarked into this exciting journey with my first book, Sensations of Solitude. (  This blog is one more step in the same direction.

Happy Reading!!!


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