Happy Holi

 “The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”
                                                                                       -Rabindranath Tagore

 Suddenly I realized that the above quote of the Nobel Laureate can stir deep and strong thought process. There is a lot to learn from this saying about butterfly. A wealth of knowledge is stuffed up in simple words, in a line.

Nature, the best teacher for mankind, teaches a best lesson with butterfly. A creature that lives for a very short span, starts life from an ugly stage and reaches the most beautiful phase. An adult butterfly’s life time is from few weeks to a year.  Yet, it adds so much of color, happiness and inspiration to those who come across it.  The inspirational thoughts which can be associated from a butterfly could range from a simple concept of change to rebirth. The structural coloration has also inspired Scientists in the field of Nano technology.

Life is a gift, Past cannot be undone, future is unseen. What we have is just ‘present’. So let us live it in full. Let us cherish each and every second and let the happiness we have be stored permanently in our hearts. Let us add color to this world, and make world a colorful place.

Hoping that you would drop gallons and gallons of colors on at least one person….Happy Holi.

P.S. It would be bliss if everyone uses Natural Colors.


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