Who am I?

The Celestial Beauty of the Sea
Are you a myth or reality
Skill that outdoes human ability
Are you Truth or Creativity

The Ship Crew speak about you
Who have seen you are very few
Yet to this world you are not new
But who are you, we have no cue

The Beauty Waiting by the Shore
Is part of almost every folklore
Do you really try to Explore
Lives of the People On Shore

Your Long Hair and Lovely Locks
Spot You even from many blocks
Your Song could Sway the Rocks
and Wake up the Sleeping Folks

I wish I could dive into the Sea
To meet you in person and See
Where you are in your full spree
Swimming and Diving quite ably

Few Describe you as eternal beauty
Few Say you are deviation from duty
Few Picture you to be very Flaunty
Few Define you to be Quite Flirty

Every Sailor carries a Story
About You in some mystery
I wish I could picture you in Motion
And understand your Emotion

Are you a heart filled with love
Or a Soul graced with knowledge
Do you always live life on Edge
I wish I had answers right now

Dear Friend from the Sea
Who ever You are or Could Be
A Myth or an exaggerated reality
You have special place in our Society




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