A Lesson from the Park of Life….

On a visit to the neighbourhood park with my niece, I had the privilege of being introduced to her park play-mate; a two year old kid…. 😛 The two year old kid’s mother in a casual conversation expressed her eagerness to see her kid grown up and self reliant.

My thoughts started racing. ….This word “grown up” seems familiar yet strange.

When I was a crawling baby, I thought when I can walk then I’m grown up.

When I started walking without any support, I felt grown up is the one who runs and boards the school bus.

When I started running in the school, I felt if I ride a bicycle I’m grown up.

Later, I thought if I travel to far off places on my own by train or a faster mode of transport then I’m grownup.

The race is not yet over. I thought I shall be grown up when I drive my own vehicle and have my own vocation, views and opinions.

Alas…The modes of Transport have changed, my definition of grown up has changed, my views and opinions have undergone tremendous changes. But still I’ve unanswered questions, unsolved riddles and puzzles in life just as a kid. In fact, the questions have been increasing.

Suddenly, I heard kids clapping around me and my racing thoughts returned to the park.

The gentle and the tender smiles of the kids made me ponder further and I’ve realized that we engage ourselves in our chosen path of life and again re-live our childhood and memories with our kids.

May be its strange and that is the paradox of life, that we try to co-relate the ever flowing nectar of life with non-living objects. Nothing is permanent. Change is the Law of Universe. Learning and growth are an integral part of this change.

As a Law abiding student of this Universe, I wish to continue my learning. And guess how I’m planning to do it? By visiting the park frequently to keep my learning alive and share with you… 🙂


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