30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness…

April 24th, 2014- Day Two of the Quest:

The Aroma of A Freshly Brewed Coffee can beat the smell of a Parchment


Early in the morning, looking out of the window while waiting for news paper……………….the task that my hands do without brain’s permission in order to awaken my brain from the slumber state is………..to brew coffee.

The aroma so strong that it awakens the inner self and sets brain into action…The aroma so soft that it conjures a spell on the heart and makes the heart jump in happiness, the aroma so powerful can often turn into an addiction.

Might be freshly made Irish Coffee or the traditional Indian Coffee, Coffee made by self or purchased from coffee house, source doesn’t matter. The grains have an ingrained feature to make your day pleasant.

Yes…a Cup of freshly brewed Coffee gives unmatched happiness. It even beats the smell of a parchment. It is that part of the day while sipping a coffee, there is complete silence in me. So it is a memorable part of the day wherein I’m engrossed in nothing else but complete solitude. Don’t know if it is the smell or the color or the warmth or the taste of the beverage; but it gives the feeling of meditating on one self.

May be it is for this reason, many attest to the fact that a cup of warm coffee rejuvenates the body for the day ahead.

My Conclusion:
One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is sipping coffee and getting lost in complete silence.


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