30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness…- April 25th, 2014- Day Three of the Quest

The Perfumed Candles

–      Metamorphosis of Frustration into Fragrance

What is it that we enjoy in spite of knowing that it is taking its last breath? 


“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

– Buddha

After a tiresome day, a heated argument at place of work and long battle with the traffic, the spirits would be considerable lower.

That moment, what would bring happiness to me? What would cheer me up so that I can be normal self again?

Well, to me it is a scented candle, which has wonderful magic in it.

A wonderful potion made in an old unused cup out of Paraffin Wax, a bit of natural scent and an oil coloured dye. A magic that can be performed by anyone just with one rub on the match box.

The moment I light a candle, it starts unveiling its magic. It spreads warmth and happiness in the form of light. It wages a battle with the darkness and fights until its last breath. It spreads aroma that would tell me though its life is pretty short, it would leave its presence at least for a short duration after extinguishment.

Looking at the burning candle, I could easily recollect the old days where I was told countless stories, the morals that were taught and the gossip that was shared under the same light.

I still could remember the wave of happiness that has washed me when I made my first candle, the surprise on my mother’s face when I gifted the same to her, the pride in her eyes and the glow of satisfaction.

Yes, making candles, gifting them to friends and lighting them is definitely a happiness for me.

The art of making candles is the quickest DIY (Do It Yourself). It is the most secret recipe passed on in our family. We call it ‘From Frustration to Fragrance

As I scrape the paraffin wax, I could feel my anger, frustration, fear are also being scraped into bits and pieces. When the wax turns into liquid, all my negative feelings would quickly evaporate. While placing a wick and ensuring it stays straight even after being subjected to hot wax would make me learn to be reliable and strong. Finally when the wax solidifies, a new feeling of happiness, completeness and love would engulf me

After a day filled with self exhaustion, if I lit the same candle and look into it, my lips would smile for themselves. Looking at the burning candle burns away any pain or hatred.

As the perfume spreads in the room, so my mood lightens.  The wonderful candle can not only lighten the room but also would definitely lighten my mood.

The flickering light, the shadow of burning candle on the wall by them self convey a different story to me. For a person with extreme creativity, it is like the candle is seeking for your worries to absorb and burn them. The candle definitely has a unique way to teach the philosophy of darkness and light.

My Conclusion:
One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is lighting a candle and enjoying it. 


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