30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness – April 26th, 2014- Day Four of the Quest:

A visit to Zoo Park or animal house

A blend of many varieties
A showcase for unique specialties
A rare gift in the crowded cities


Guess what? It is a park for animals.  A home to the animals and birds and where we humans are mere visitors.

The perfect getaway for a day in weekend is visit to the local park. Once in a while, when city life bores me, I take a trip to the animal house or zoo park. The place is filled with creatures of various species. Hiring a cycle and cycling in the park, looking at various animals fills us with unknown energy.

As we move from wing to wing, and reach the bird wing, it is a new world in itself.

A world filled with bright colors, endless chatter and too much activity to be captured by a human brain. A world where there is coexistence of various species. It is tough to decide what catches my attention; it could be the flashing magpie or colourful parrot or better even the talking parakeet.  Between them choosing one would be impossible. As your eye sight moves up, you could see colors all above and also the same glamour in the water. A swan gliding with grace, a duck quacking with its duckling, A crane standing on one leg with closed eyes and long beak. Imagine seeing land, water and air covered with birds – their color and their endless chatter. This place definitely outshines any holiday resort

In the cool habitat resembling a mini forest in city environment where we can enjoy the company of animals in their cool habitat. A place that teaches ecological balance in perfect sense and ensures every kid appreciates the nature.

Couple of decades ago, birds’ were not scarce. The picture of Sun setting in the West with a flock of birds reaching for their home is not unusual. But in current City setting the picture can be seen only on a TV Screen or in a wall painting.  When watching a movie on screen would be quick and easy very few would appreciate to bird watch. To wake up early in morning, taking some bird feed and feeding birds would be an exhilarating task. It relaxes our mind, soothes our soul and lets us make cross races friendship. But it demands lots of time, patience and attention. The other easier way to enjoy the company of the birds is to visit a bird park.

I enjoy riding through the bird park, spending time with the different species, appreciating their color and glamour. The antics these birds do to catch attention of visitors is wonderful.  The way they react to small petting or shining camera lens is quite stunning.

It is both an art and science to create a home for birds matching their natural habitat. The spacing, the protecting fence from visitors as well as predators and yet giving them freedom to fly would need lot of talent. But the end result is extra ordinary. Looking into those habitats, for couple of hours it would be as if we entered a new world

Cycling through the park would be a very good exercise. The nature around us would fill us with energy and the ever changing tourists with their gossip will make us forget our exercise. The frequent stops at each shed would be a break.

The endless chatter, the glamorous color, the interfering tourists and visitors – all in all, a day spent in the local animal home would always be a pleasure ride.

My Conclusion: 
One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is visiting zoo park or animal house


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