30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness… April 27th, 2014- Day Five of the Quest

Gadget Free Day-Reopening My Treasure Box

The alarm sound in the morning wakes me up, Followed by me switching on the music system. Later, if my mind permits, I shall work out in the gym or otherwise go for a walk with music glued in. All the while, my eyes and body are tuned with my cell phone. I keep checking the notifications in various social networking sites and stay tuned with the world around. The conclusion is I am a gadget freak.

For any activity I do let it be reading, writing, recording, cooking, washing, cleaning, working, relaxing or any other ‘ing’ – I prefer an electronic good. At place of work we survive on these. Electronic goods have made life very easy. They have a special attraction force.

In a way we c0-exist with the electronic gadgets. It is not an exaggeration to say that electronic goods have become an extension of our body. I’m not criticizing the way we use gadgets. But for a change I wanted to stay away from all Electronic goods and declare it as a “Gadget Free Day.”  I know it would be impossible to do this on a working day so I handpicked this Sunday.

 It was indeed loads of fun. Initially my hand itched to log into Facebook. I wanted to resist this temptation and started thinking of my childhood days when I guess the only electronic good which was widely in use was the Television Set and I was never glued to the set. Though we didn’t have FB Page to update our status yet we had friends everywhere with whom we spoke. I suddenly remembered then that in those days my mother used to write letters to her mother and others. A blue inland cover or a post card……..I was trying to recollect its shape and size!!. Now, my grandmother too rings up my mom to talk. On special occasions like New Year or festivals we used to get cards addressed to the family.

Thinking about the past, woke up a sleeping desire in me. To paint. The forgotten lessons of school life resurfaced. The Colored Sheet, The Pencil, The Water Colors all the other stationery which were safely tucked in my cupboard. I opened my “Treasure box” (my painting and coloring kit) and started painting. I painted a mermaid with vast colours, shining corals and a cute look. She shall serve as a token of my memory for the “Gadget Free Day.”

Next time (There would definitely be a next time) I would like to work on something else.

The concentration and feel to do such an activity shall be strong only when there is no quick diversion in the form of gadgets. But once the taste is acquired, we shall do this even with gadgets handy. I guess we do a better job with gadgets:-P

But a Gadget free day helped me to revisit old memories and take my “Treasure box” out again.

My Conclusion:
One short and quick step for opening door of happiness opening my “Treasure box”



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