30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness… April 28th, 2014- Day Six of the Quest

Watching a movie

A big building, where all the lights are switched off and there are rows and rows of seats, numbered in an order, facing the big screen. Movie is an art still in existence and feeds thousands and thousands of people. Watching a movie in the Hall, with near and dear is always a source of fun.

For the short time I am in the Theater, I forget the outside world. I would be engulfed in the world displayed on the screen. The plot, the color and the glamour are too vivid to be ignored. Sometimes few dialogues of the characters in the plot stay with me forever. Few jokes in the plot make me laugh even in midst of the sleep. And, if I watch a horror movie, there is no way that I can sleep that night. For a suspense thriller, I break my head to find the clue and when the mystery is resolved my brain would go back and connect the loose ends. If, the plot is abrupt or there are few loose threads, I would feel disappointed and watch the movie again to understand why the same has been left. In short, I love and live in the movie world.

The ritual of watching a movie is incomplete without the required quantum of popcorn and coke. Eating mouthfuls from my packet, without removing my eyes from the screen is my talent.

At times, on just seeing the movie name all the pleasant experiences associated with it would flash in my mind. The person with whom I have been there, the plot, the actors, the dialogues everything flashes in few seconds and bring a quick smile onto my lips.

My Conclusion:
One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is recollecting my memories on a movie watched and if time permits to watch a new movie.


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