30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness… April 30th, 2014- Day Eight of the Quest



If I’m asked to work out in the gym for an hour, my body starts aching even before starting the exercise. If I’m asked to walk for more than a kilometer my eyes immediately search for a mode of transport.  But there’s an activity which neither bores me nor aches my muscles; I can keep on walking for hours together and can very comfortably lose track of the time. No prizes for guessing what the activity is…………………Yes, you are right its SHOPPING!!!

Streets filled with vendors, shops with merchandize and wallet with cash-Shopping is one of the beautiful ways of relaxing and relieving from stress. It stimulates our aesthetic sense.

Local melas have a wide variety of articles. The streets of the mela get lit up on these days. The glitter of the streets magically translates into a smile and contentment on my face. The vendors cordially suggest us as to which articles are more useful or which one suits us. If the shopping is for a specific purpose or to gift someone it is even more memorable.

I return from shopping with a face beaming with pleasure and a sense of pride on seeing my new possessions.  Finally shopping in a mela is an interesting aspect in this busy world because we get to talk to the vendors, enjoy the walk and carry with us few memorable gifts for our dear ones or ourselves.

My conclusion:

One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is shopping in the local mela and getting lost in the glitters of the street.


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