30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness…May 1st, 2014- Day Nine of the Quest

Want to get into the good books of some one?
The best way is to gift a Basket of Mangoes…..Image

Yellow colored fruit, filled with juice and scent that wakes up our taste buds…Yes it is a Mango.

Mangifera indica or Indian mango is the national fruit of India­­. The ripe yellow fruit is the king of fruits. Its magnificence and grace cannot be described in words. On the mere mention of the fruit’s name my mouth starts watering.

Just like all best things come in many varieties, there are many varieties of mangoes – the ripe ones like Banganpalli, green ones etc. The fruit can be savored as such or as juice.  It could be used for fruit salad, kulfi and other sweets and desserts.

Raw Mangoes could be eaten as such or with right preservatives stored for one complete year. The activity of processing mango to store it for a longer period in itself is a wonderful experience. The combination of raw, unripe, pulpy and sour mango, mixed with chilli powder, fenugreek seeds, mustard powder, salt and oil would result in Andhra Avakaya.

Mangoes and child hood memories have an unbreakable bond in my life. Summer in childhood is filled with eating varieties of mangoes, making elaborate plans to eat them from the neighbor’s mango grove…Lol….yes, it indeed goes on to  the extent of preparing equipments to pluck their mangoes. But the paradox is they would cheerfully offer their fruits to us; but still we prefer to get a couple of them through our own effort (our equipment:-P). As kids we also had competitions as to how many mangoes one can eat on a given day, how quickly one can eat etc.

I can vouch to the fact that eating mangoes gives me immense happiness even till today right from my childhood. As the juice of the ripe fruit starts embracing on the taste buds, the memories of childhood revisit and make the ‘ritual’ of eating the fruit not only memorable but also happy.

My conclusion:

One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is eating ripe mangoes in the summer and getting lost in its mysterious sweet taste.


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