30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness…May 3rd, 2014- Day Eleven of the Quest

Feeling at home ‘at sea’

The idiom ‘at sea’ means ‘confused’ but strangely, I feel at home when I am at Sea.


Sea Shores are my best holiday spots. Standing on the sea shore, looking into the depths of sea, searching for unasked questions……………………………Sounds quite philosophical, yet soothing.

To stand on the sand, and get acquainted with the sea waves is a memorable experience. Watching the sea at day time or night is wonderful. The tides that come from somewhere very far like messengers carrying important messages and the restlessness with which they reach the shore is quite impressive.  Each wave is like a long lost friend trying its best to drench me in happiness. It would be fun to chase the waves. Run along them and run against them. To flow with them and to flow against them. It would be fun to sit and relax. A Sea shore is a place where I can relax, read, write and often tell stories. Stories about cultures and civilizations, Sea and its sailors, mythical creatures like mermaids are passed from one generation to the next.

 Sea is a reality, it is a myth. It is an invaluable asset and deadly trap. I respect Sea in all her moods. Sea could be friendly with gentle waves touching us or deadly with waves that plunge people away. Sea could give us life or end within a second. It could store endless treasures in its depths or throw them on the shore with the upcoming waves. Yet, it would always be home for me; a place wherein I can find myself.

Sea Shore is a place where the power and calmness of Nature can be fully appreciated. The paradox of Nature is clearly visible in the Sea. Strong and Calm, Powerful and Soothing, Invaluable yet freely available to Mankind, Inhuman Power within human reach – all the above contradictory features are clubbed in the Sea.

 The little treasures that the waves throw on the shore would make a wonderful collection item and a memorial. They are the special gifts from the Heart of the Sea. Each time I look at the sea shells the solitude and the warmth of the sea waves embraces me. So, being at the seashore and recollecting it is a great memory which gives a lot of happiness.

My conclusion:

One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is spending time at Sea Shore and collecting Gifts from the Sea.


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