30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness…May 4th, 2014- Day Twelve of the Quest

Star Gazing…Real Celebrities of the Night Sky

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the World So High
Like a diamond in the sky”

On a clear night, sitting in the balcony, or in an open Park, enjoying the cool breeze, what do we see? The busy city life would be subdued a bit; the traffic slows down, little shiny objects that peek from the sky. The real celebrities in the night sky would be ‘Stars’.

One Moon, surrounded by tiny little dots that spread loads and loads of lights in the night is quite picturesque.  Countless in number, with high illumination skills these objects greet us at the night. The night sky is a perfect illustration to the fact that our world is very small compared to the universe. Heavy Objects of universe appear as tiny dots from the surface of Earth.

The cold breeze that sways, the chillness of the night, the darkness around us, yet there is something bright and cheerful above us. One look at them, takes us to the world of enchanted magic. Looking into the sky, trying to identify the stars, naming them, and enjoying their view would make anyone cheerful. At the first sight, all of them look like lights in the sky. But on deep observation, we tend to see that few shine and few are static. The simple difference gives me endless amazement. The next best exercise is to find a pattern in their arrangement. Like flowers in a garden, dots in a painting, shiny stones in a necklace, stars have their own pattern. Few of them are permanent in the night sky, few would be new addition and few change their position. 

I spend endless hours understanding the pattern and trying to name it. The next best thing to discover for a regular star gazer would be identifying the changes in their pattern. The first time someone looks into the sky on a clear night, it might not be that enchanting. But if we make a practice of it, it would be very rewarding. Deciding one of the stars as your favorite, searching for the star among them and finding out where the star is a fun past time activity.

As a kid, the night sky fascinated me. Sleeping under the moon light, looking at the stars, naming them was a regular activity in summer. As I grew up, the time I spent star gazing drastically fell down.  Now, when I get a chance to go back and meet my old friends, I appreciate those rare times. I treasure the memories. Their charm is indisputable.

My conclusion:

One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is to gaze real celebrities on a clear night.


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