30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness…May 5th, 2014- Day Thirteenth of the Quest

A Smiling Baby


Twinkling Stars of the Dark Night are your eyes
The Toothless grin makes you look cute & nice

Stretched ears, that tend to catch every sound
Bouncing Body with which you dance all around

Chubby Cheeks that make you look beautiful
Pink Lips, that can make anyone’s day colorful

Closed fists filled with hope and love
Open arms asking to pick you up right now.

Little hair covering your scalp to the minimum
Little body that vibrates in your momentum

The Tantrums that make life very miserable
The Laughter that makes heaven attainable

The immediate kiss you give when you are happy
The quick fit you throw to indicate you are sappy

The warmth of your palm when you press my cheek
the cuteness of your curiosity when you try to peek

The attitude, that shows that you do not care
The innocence where nothing can harm or scare

The mess you create in the act of feeding yourself
The Things you have broken in the lower shelf

The Loud Laughter when you are taken on a ride
the expression of surprise when you see a tide

The way you chase after the beautiful butterflies
The mock expression on your face of being wise

The piercing cry, when Doctor is near-by
The enlarged grin, when you see bird’s fly

The confused look when you cant hold water in hand
the victorious smile when you build castle in sand

The attempts you make to capture sunlight in palm
the noise you make when asked to be quiet and calm

The run you take when it is time to take a shower
the sweetness with which you pluck the flower

The questioning look when you see new object
the Noble Look when you understand a subject

The innocence in the game of hide and seek
When you close your eyes and silently peek

The wonder with which you look when it drizzles
The way you fight to play with the water sizzles

Are there enough words in the Literature,
To describe you my matured immature

Sweet Little Baby, with the Heart of Gold
Are you an angel gifted for me from My Lord.

–          Poem from Sensations of Solitude, written by Aruna & Usha Nandigama.

My conclusion:

One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is to spend time with a child.


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