30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness…May 9th, 2014- Day Seventeen of the Quest

The Unexpected Guest..

Today is the last working day in the week. From tomorrow begins the wonderful weekend. Like every Friday Morning, I was getting ready for work. Food packed in the box, leftovers of the cooked food being safely secured. Coffee consumed. Milk put back in the refrigerator; nothing more to be done. Well except locking the door and going away.

At that time, the door bell rings. Hoping it is not someone who demands my time, I open the door without thinking. Before me stands a person – a familiar face but whom I could not recognize. Probably because of the morning madness or coming weekend’s expectations, an unknown feeling overtook me. I knew the person but yet I do not know.

Looking at my watch, I still manage to give a wide smile and ask “How can I help you?” The visitor looks into my eyes and confirms if this is the address that the person wants to be in. Cursing the time, I agree.

Before I press for further information, the person sighs and says “Finally, at last. Do you remember me? I am your class mate in school. We were neighbours too.”

I go back to my memory lane and look at the person and try to recall the name. The series of murders in the city, the abduction case filed are going wide in my brain but for a second, heart overruns the brain and allows the suspect in.  I ask for the person’s card and look suspiciously at the person.

That’s when the person says “You changed. You were cautious in school. But not this suspicious.” I smiled and once the name got registered, my brain recalled all the old memories. We both had a laugh at various things, our life’s, our child hood ambitions, the reality and foolishness of them. As I spoke to the person, I realized how welcome an ‘unexpected guest’ could be.

With nothing to offer, I asked if we can share my lunch. The person gladly agreed. We went back into the memory lane, when we shared lunch in the school. The person was my only rescuer whenever my mom cooked a dish that I don’t like and vice versa. Till date my mom is not aware of our scheme.

All the silly things of past, serious concerns of then, the life of ‘test and results’, everything under the sky had been discussed while eating the packed lunch.

I never knew I could talk so much in such a short time. I never expected I would serve packed food to a person visiting my home for first time.

Must be the innocence of childhood or the pressing time, we agreed to meet this weekend.

My conclusion:                           

One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is to chat with a close friend. Years might have passed, life could have  changed, but when you meet your friend from past, with or without any intimation, it brings the bliss of childhood into our life once again.


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