30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness…May 10th, 2014- Day Eighteen of the Quest

Talking with Plants….

Did you ever feel like you need a partner at home, who is quiet, silent and yet shows life? Someone with whom you can talk, share happiness, shed tears in pain and yet everything remains a secret! One who demands minimum time and gives maximum results. Well, plant a sapling 🙂



I’m not a Biology Student but I’ve always loved the company of trees and plants. I cannot deny the fact that trees are becoming an extinct thing in the cities. Due to congestion of place in cities; plants have to be grown on the stairs, roof top etc. But I always cherish to water plants, check their growth and talk to them in my garden.

My love for plants started right from the day my first standard teacher gave me an assignment to plant a sapling in order to explain Germination. I think this was the only Science assignment I did with complete dedication. At that age, just as I spoke to my toys; I shared my feelings with plants. But interestingly, I still continue speaking with plants. I had numerous games to play with the plants and trees; because they cannot move and sincerely abide to my rules…Reading Ruskin Bond stories under the shade of a mango tree in the summer was one of the favorite activities. His stories like the “The Cherry Tree” made my love for plants multiply by many times.

When I was in second standard and learnt Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose had conducted experiments on plants and concluded that plants can “feel pain, understand affection etc;”my joys knew no boundaries. May be this is the reason I still talk to the plants and enjoy their company.

Trees and plants have a strange sensation that brings life into the surroundings. I use plants for decoration purpose, for aroma, to absorb dampness, to bring soothing sensation into the room. Plants have a permanent place in my home and in my heart.

Entering into a room that is decorated with ivies, that is filled with perfume from aromatic, fragrant, scented plants brings peace and prosperity in the home

My conclusion:

One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is to plant a sapling, water it regularly, grow along with it and spend time talking to it.


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