30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness…May 12th, 2014- Day Twentieth of the Quest


A plain cloth, a scissor, threads of various color, a sharp needle and patterns that soothe the eyes – when all are put in one place, we get a beautiful design.

It is really fun to draw a design on a plain cloth and sewing the same with colorful threads. Sometimes with simple needle and thread we can create a new world before us.  A world where we are the creator and where in we can showcases our thoughts to the outside world.

I started to learn sewing at the age of ten from an aunt. For the first time in my life, I could create something from day to day objects and it conquered my heart. Even today, when machines make magic, I prefer at times sewing traditionally with needle and thread.

A little patience, a bit of passion can create magic in the form of needle work, ribbon work, mirror work, lace work etc. Any form of stitching is like a penance to me. While I stitch, my hands work and my brain relaxes. It is a process wherein the hands do their work steadily and with passion, while the brain relaxes and starts sorting stuff on which it had to work. It bids my time and also gives me a chance to relax. It works as a good exercise for my hands and keeps them fast.

The next best thing of sewing is the magic it creates. When you make little things and share them with near and dear, the happiness would enhance greatly. A handkerchief which is daily used gets a new makeover if it has designs on it. Anyone who uses it appreciates your efforts and it would stand out in a group. Small stuff like an embroidered hand kerchief, a simple bonnet for a baby, stitching a small label or design on  dress, book covers for special books, pillow covers, patterns on door curtains and all the other things…………they just make your home have a special look.

My conclusion:

One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is take out an old cloth and a sharp needle, colorful threads and create a magical world. The art of stitching and output of your hard work would enhance your happiness any time.


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