A Dream Come True


When I was very young, a strong hand held me and took me into a new world, a world filled with words, images and people engrossed with them….Library.

I have never seen people very comfortable with limited furnishings and unlimited supply of books. I was spellbound. I ran through the various rows trying to capture everything in one glance. After couple of trips, I realized I can’t sum up everything in one visit and I should visit this place daily. When I asked my Guide, what is this place and what are those books meant for, he answered with a smile, it is a library and those books are written by various people to share their emotions, experiences, thoughts and knowledge. Overwhelmed by the number of books and the studious people around me, I walked in silent awe. My tiny brain started working immediately.

Having reached home, I took few one sided papers, stapled them and on the first page drew my version of ship and filled all the papers with A to Z, 1 to 10. (My writing skills were only those then…). Next day, I went to the library and waited for the librarian to open it. Once she has opened the library I submitted my work with lots of enthusiasm and pride, in the hope that my book shall find a place one of the rows of the Esteemed Place.

The kind lady looked at my book and gave me a wide smile. She looked into my eyes and with her hands on the table said, “Kid, this will do for now but not forever. Next time I expect a more genuine work from you and when you do it, I will have a place for it………..not only in these shelves but also in my Heart.”

The Library got demolished, the Librarian moved on in her life, my Guide left this mortal plane, yet those words never left me. Now after our First book is published (Thanks to Partridge- A Penguin Random House Company), the satisfaction of publication is incomplete unless we get a privilege to present the same in a Library.

I thank Just Books Library ( for giving this opportunity. They have been kind enough to share my book with thousands of other readers through their libraries across India.

I once again thank them from the bottom of my heart for opening a New World for me.


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