Enchanting Characters- Dhruv

Few of the enchanting characters come straight from Mythology. One such character is Dhruv from the Hindu Mythology.

Every child grows up listening to Dhruva’s Story in India. This story is a tale which tells us about hard work, persistence and hope.

Dhruv is a Prince, and is not much favored son of the King. The King always had preference to Dhruv’s half brother. Unable to understand the reason for King’s partial love, Dhruv questions every soul about the reason and so searching for answers crosses the world’s barriers, overcomes the nature and meets the Almighty himself.

A wonderful tale, with lots of questions and answers in it. It is an inspiration in itself. Not only in his lifetime, but after his life on Earth also Dhruv is remembered for his  miracles.

It is believed that Dhruv shines as a star in the Night Sky. The star that we often refer to as “North-Pole Star” is “Dhruv Tara” (Dhruv Star) as per Hindu Mythology.



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