Travel Tales

The voyage of new journey is not in Scenery,
It is the eyes that see it with no hurry or worry.

-From the book “Sensations of Solitude”

The best companion when one sets their foot for a journey is the fragrance of the soil. Land has a lot of stories to narrate, many lessons to teach and it is one of the best companions of human beings. I wish this world is a “Global Village” in its true sense. No borders and no boundaries. How amazing this sounds….no border disputes, no wars between countries- not even Cold wars, no soldiers dying.

I dream that I’m air passing through the valleys, reaching the hill tops, spreading the aroma and absorbing Nature every second. Alas, it can’t happen. I just cannot flow like water, move like breeze nor conquer like fire.

Earth is divided into water and landmass. Land is further divided into Continents, Countries, States and so on and on……….Land for us is identified with boundaries. I do not know why there are so many bifurcations. But yet, I’m aware of a simple and lovely truth that travelling is one of the best ways to rejuvenate oneself and wander in free spirit.

Each land is filled with a fragrance of its own. The very smell of the land makes us relate it to its warmth nature. People of its land have many things to share about their land in a wonderful colloquial way. So in this part of my blog I would love to share few of my travel experiences. Travel in my words is moving out of our abode or home. A visit to the neighborhood bazaar (market) is also an effort to associate with the people and it is indeed travelling. So, the best part of travel and our association with land is- it starts the moment we enter this world and continues till the last breath.


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