Who Am I?

When the past haunts me and I am at Sea
Life poses a question which is always a mystery
Time & Again the question rises to erupt tranquility
And for answer let me pose the question to you

Who Are You?

If neither your achievements nor your failures count,
Then how do you define yourself
If neither your heart nor your brain can gain a stand,
Then how do you identify yourself
If neither currency nor goods could carry value,
Then how do you recognize yourself
If neither flesh nor inhuman reflexes mean you,
Then how do you treat yourself
If neither Being Prey nor being the Predator suits you,
Then how do you assess yourself

I am neither the mountain carrying huge goodwill
Nor the Wind blowing at my own pace and will
I am neither the Sun that can shine Bright
Nor the Moon that can be soft and light
I am neither forest holding many mysteries in me
Nor the Desert open for the man to search and see
Then, Who Am I?


6 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Its a question which I ask myself everyday… and still trying to find the answer…. I felt you gave the apt words to the feeling I had within me…. Lets seee how soon we can find the answer to “Who am I???????”

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