Lanes and By-lanes in the Journey

Unique combination of meditative lanes

Acquaintances and strangers meet across these by-lanes

Winds blow along with us in these mysterious lanes

Few winds carry rhythmic patterns and fill the strange lanes

The winds pass away but its musings are absorbed by the historic lanes  

These vibrations leave an intangible mark on the Queer Lanes

Foot prints in these lanes at times create History

At other times they remain a mystery

These lanes are filled with Eccentricity

There is a presence of Divine Felicity

But the appealing aspect is the Serenity

That keeps one moving searching for one’s own Destiny …………..

What shall we name these lanes?

A journey called Life or a passage in the process of Transformation?

Whatever, be it named it is the Progressive Journey filled with amusement and enchantment.


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