My heart is for You

On a cool and breezy morning
I’m lost in the nature’s charming
I decided to paint your glory
With all the details of the story
Took out a beautiful brush
Began to recollect memories afresh
Time went on & I was lost
Completely covered in frost
I came back to the present
Wishing I could represent
In simple words or colours
Your glorious & wonderful morals
Slowly, I realized that your song
Of glory is indeed very long
It is told, retold, sung & re sung
I do not know where to again begun
But I’m determined to search a way
This way I was immersed whole day
Days passed into nights, but still
I’ve no clue as to how to fill
The void & emptiness in me
Created out of this search for thee
At last, I jotted down these lines
Couldn’t depict your grace & shines
But these lines filled the void
I realized that I’m not devoid
Of expression to portray your brilliance
But there are uncountable millions
Of ways and expressions to praise
I’m just a new born daisy or maize
Searching for your divine manifestation
I realized I can only do proper justification
By offering my heart to you Lord of the Lords
Then there wouldn’t be a need for words
I shall dedicate my heart & me
For a divine cause to realize thee.

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