In those moment of awe
When you just saw
Something beyond human eyes
Comprehension, wherein lies
The serenity of a life time
Cannot be measured in dime
Difficult to express in words flow
As if some unique feelings sow
You are experiencing divine bliss
That is never worth a miss
An untold charm in your actions
You are filled with serene sensations
That brings in unusual vibrations 
You need no one’s justifications
It is one of the rare and unique occasions
A joy that cannot fit any definitions
A moment of complete acceptance
Beyond the feeling of Forbearance
A moment of complete surrender
When you are lost to render
An expression to this divinity
When the soul experiences felicity
The dualism of the world seems
Just a facade and one of the names
All the masks covering your eyes
Are removed, there seems to be no vice
The power of the self is beyond imagination
The real ‘you’ is beyond comprehension…

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