A humble or failed attempt?

There are things in this world- that seem to be beyond an individual’s control or may be because we presume the other entity to be stronger than us.

Whatever may be the presumption or assumption; the fact remains that though ones’ heart bleeds for natural or man-made crisis – like refugee crisis the contribution that is made is not complete.

Few questions naturally erupt, I pose them for you to ponder:

Are these crisis a lesson to mankind?

Should one stay contended by making an attempt to help the victim- though aware that the contribution is almost nothing?

Or is it that a humble attempt by each individual in this Universe makes all the difference- and we all need to walk towards this?

The last option seems idealistic; let’s strive to make it realistic.

When one realizes that the contribution varies between negligible to nothing….

Nature- forms

At times our vision is dizzy & blurred

Not because that one’s own nature is curled

The vision brings a sense of dizziness

It makes the whole frame full of weariness

As if the body is just going to fall like a leaf

It is not because of the fact that the belief

One has placed was in an incorrect source

The vision cannot be restored with force

To believe that there shall be goodness

In even the vilest creature is not a weakness

It is a beautiful portrayal of your power

A strength that shall never ever hover

It is that vigour which shall enable you

To conquer the vile nature also in you

It shall gently replace the imperfections

With serene & fresh hopes & sensations

It shall refine you as an Angel on Earth

Striving for the good & with no dearth

Of unique & appreciable qualities

That shall enable you to grow your faculties

A hope that you can transform the vile & mould

It is a belief in the ultimate goodness of the world

If you couldn’t mould the vile & obnoxious

It is no failure of yours to become anxious

It is a humble attempt in striving for humility

For the ultimate goal of one’s existence of humanity!

(Image courtesy: Google)


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