A Wait Worthwhile

Travelled down the steep memory lane

The track seemed at times grand yet lame

At other times it was mysteriously insane

Filled with glittering memories that never wane


The passage though quite old, at times

Seemed quite new, with fresh chimes

New messages & voices just like hymns

Are flowing that are like the new rhymes


Learnt from old faults & felt remorse  

Learnt to bury the old fury for a new course

It is time to bury all of it to open new doors

It is that hour of the day to re-begin with new source


With this acceptance moved towards the aisle

The brain was racing as if filled with puzzle

But the heart is slowly recovering from the hustle

To open a new door keeping away all past tussle


The new door is attractive & appeared bright

Touched the knob & opened heart to a new sight

It’s filled with illumination from an unknown light

All the past pain & pleasure is worth the wait!


(Image courtesy: Google)


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