Do I know you?

When there is no peace in surrounding

When the heart is racing and pounding

When the feet are tight in bonding

Will I seek you for strength and rebounding


When words hurt my inner peace

When emotions leave me at unease

When thoughts are as stiff as chalk and cheese

Will I seek you as a source of Peace


When Time seems to go against

When Fate seems to play foist

When Luck is as sour as Yeast

Will I seek you as a ray from the East


I am a human struggling with choice

I am a form waiting for some great voice

I am a seeker searching for an unknown Source

Who am I seeking is unknown of course


You are an ultimate Choice

You are the Final Voice

You are the Only Source

You are my conscience course


You are the one who advises to be right and good

You are the one who waits to be felt and understood

You are the Strongest Source in this World

You are the Eternity Power my dear Lord.


But why don’t I seek you in pain

Why do I take your name in vain

Why can’t I see in sunshine and rain

Why will I muddle you in my Brain


Let me know you as a Painter

Let me appreciate you as a Creator

Let me know you are the ultimate Writer

You are the one who acts as Sculptor.


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