I remember your gentle whispers during my soul’s quest

This is the elixir to my life’s existence on this territory

I pay my ovation to you on all moments in this fest

Your words are my shields that symbolize the ultimate victory


Countless battles are fought on this rough terrain

But I cannot forget your gentle & gracious sway

You’re healing words & the acts of valour I cannot refrain

From recollecting till my last breathe all through this way


I remember you not just for being on right path & victorious

But spreading across the message of unconditional Love

To this torn heart of drudgery your message was a gracious

And warm celebration of human existence, nothing else to prove


I’m blessed to have imprinted your memories on my soul

Grateful for having your gentle & warm words on my lips

My split & torn heart is joining itself to be complete & whole

With strength & courage to view & live life in all lows & highs.


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