Surrounded by ample mystery

Every step filled with great intensity

Of feelings & emotions that flow

In a strange abrupt pushing to new low

Was this the fear of newness or change?

Is this a battle to fight or experience to divulge?

Conscience is warning against the steps

Strong emotions are pulling into weird trips

Is this a cloud I’ve just entered?

Is there an exit to it, is what I feared?

Is this a roller-coaster ride designed for me?

Is there a bright dawn ahead for me ever to see?

Questions are popping like arrows

Emotions are draining the self into fallows

Is this a divinely designed lesson

What is the summary of this season?

Intuition is the ultimate source to guide

Tough times come with a message in this ride

It is for bidding adieu to patterns that are old

To replace redundant traits with newness of gold

Tough times strike not to serve a death blow

It is to rejuvenate one with a new flow

It is to end all the confusions of the past

To experience newness of life in vast

It is to replace guilt with love

As fresh and as pure as a white dove

To learn compassion in life to progress

To leave behind revenge & not to regress!


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