Rabindranath Tagore Quotes

Well, its been quite a long since I posted anything on the blog. Let me get back.  I thought for a while what should I re-begin with. I decided to post some of my all time favorite quotes of Rabindranath Tagore   (The image is Wax statue of Tagore in Kanyakumari- Mayapuri Wonder Wax Museum) … Continue reading Rabindranath Tagore Quotes



Your presence is the fragrance That surrounds my essence Reminds me your deeds & divinity I try to comprehend there is infinity Which I cannot yet grasp But for which I breathe & rasp Bless me that my breath in this journey Shall encounter Your aura & infinity!


When stormy winds come to greet me In the midst of my long & curvy path Let me not forget that you are there to see That I learn my lessons without any wrath   When dusty winds cross my day’s toil In this journey of small steps to cover miles Let me remember that … Continue reading Winds


I remember your gentle whispers during my soul’s quest This is the elixir to my life’s existence on this territory I pay my ovation to you on all moments in this fest Your words are my shields that symbolize the ultimate victory   Countless battles are fought on this rough terrain But I cannot forget … Continue reading Elixir