Your Guidance

I carry with me the rare gifts showered Those which You’ve graciously bestowed These are the light for me in dark moments At times counted as my achievements They are neither my accolades nor Do they define who I am in any war These are neither my life’s sole identity Nor do they fill me … Continue reading Your Guidance



Surrounded by ample mystery Every step filled with great intensity Of feelings & emotions that flow In a strange abrupt pushing to new low Was this the fear of newness or change? Is this a battle to fight or experience to divulge? Conscience is warning against the steps Strong emotions are pulling into weird trips … Continue reading Lessons


Your presence is the fragrance That surrounds my essence Reminds me your deeds & divinity I try to comprehend there is infinity Which I cannot yet grasp But for which I breathe & rasp Bless me that my breath in this journey Shall encounter Your aura & infinity!


When stormy winds come to greet me In the midst of my long & curvy path Let me not forget that you are there to see That I learn my lessons without any wrath   When dusty winds cross my day’s toil In this journey of small steps to cover miles Let me remember that … Continue reading Winds


I remember your gentle whispers during my soul’s quest This is the elixir to my life’s existence on this territory I pay my ovation to you on all moments in this fest Your words are my shields that symbolize the ultimate victory   Countless battles are fought on this rough terrain But I cannot forget … Continue reading Elixir