“It is life, I think, to watch the water.”

“It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things.”
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Sensations of solitude



An Unknown Feeling That Connects To The Universe

Time and Again, I am asked, inquired, blamed for not socializing. I wish I have a way to explain that I am not against socializing but I am pro Solitude.

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more”
– George Gordon Byron

In these hours of eternal silence, there is innocence, there is an unknown feeling that captures me and forces me to connect to the Universe.

I prefer to be lost in my thoughts rather than Chatter
I prefer to take an unknown path rather than wait at a known place
I prefer to enjoy the scenery around me rather than be in a race

The unknown Road, unbiased Shore, unpredictable Sea, uncontrolled forest interest me.

Am I lost or did I Discover myself?

Sometimes when staring at the sky suddenly I realize

I am not running, I am not in  a race, I am not following the code to be followed, then suddenly an unknown panic grabs me….there begins a questionnaire…..

Am I Lost? Or did I discover myself.

Is this tranquility or a temporary relief before volcano erupts

Is this a sense of missing or a sense of being found

Is this me waiting for something to happen or something waiting for me to act

Am I in the state of inertia or in the state of slumber

While searching for the answers, I realize

I am in the process of discovering myself and let me make those precious decisions that I wanted to make without being judgmental.

This is the frame of mind that questions every action and gives an unquestionable emotion that takes me forward.

With this intent today I started my second book – first novel “Esperanzaa – The Hope”. Thanks for Penguin Group for being patient with me.

A Capture Just Before the Rain…

One of the beautiful sceneries to watch is the sky just before raining.

The climate undergoes a wonderful transformation and brings comfort.

The soil is filled with a soothing aroma.

The tiresome day is forgotten in just few moments; when one is waiting for the rain.

Last but not the least; one is very eager for the droplets of rain to touch one’s forehead.

A beautiful capture of the moment just before rain…..



A Dream Come True


When I was very young, a strong hand held me and took me into a new world, a world filled with words, images and people engrossed with them….Library.

I have never seen people very comfortable with limited furnishings and unlimited supply of books. I was spellbound. I ran through the various rows trying to capture everything in one glance. After couple of trips, I realized I can’t sum up everything in one visit and I should visit this place daily. When I asked my Guide, what is this place and what are those books meant for, he answered with a smile, it is a library and those books are written by various people to share their emotions, experiences, thoughts and knowledge. Overwhelmed by the number of books and the studious people around me, I walked in silent awe. My tiny brain started working immediately.

Having reached home, I took few one sided papers, stapled them and on the first page drew my version of ship and filled all the papers with A to Z, 1 to 10. (My writing skills were only those then…). Next day, I went to the library and waited for the librarian to open it. Once she has opened the library I submitted my work with lots of enthusiasm and pride, in the hope that my book shall find a place one of the rows of the Esteemed Place.

The kind lady looked at my book and gave me a wide smile. She looked into my eyes and with her hands on the table said, “Kid, this will do for now but not forever. Next time I expect a more genuine work from you and when you do it, I will have a place for it………..not only in these shelves but also in my Heart.”

The Library got demolished, the Librarian moved on in her life, my Guide left this mortal plane, yet those words never left me. Now after our First book is published (Thanks to Partridge- A Penguin Random House Company), the satisfaction of publication is incomplete unless we get a privilege to present the same in a Library.

I thank Just Books Library ( for giving this opportunity. They have been kind enough to share my book with thousands of other readers through their libraries across India.

I once again thank them from the bottom of my heart for opening a New World for me.

A Lesson from the Park of Life….

On a visit to the neighbourhood park with my niece, I had the privilege of being introduced to her park play-mate; a two year old kid…. 😛 The two year old kid’s mother in a casual conversation expressed her eagerness to see her kid grown up and self reliant.

My thoughts started racing. ….This word “grown up” seems familiar yet strange.

When I was a crawling baby, I thought when I can walk then I’m grown up.

When I started walking without any support, I felt grown up is the one who runs and boards the school bus.

When I started running in the school, I felt if I ride a bicycle I’m grown up.

Later, I thought if I travel to far off places on my own by train or a faster mode of transport then I’m grownup.

The race is not yet over. I thought I shall be grown up when I drive my own vehicle and have my own vocation, views and opinions.

Alas…The modes of Transport have changed, my definition of grown up has changed, my views and opinions have undergone tremendous changes. But still I’ve unanswered questions, unsolved riddles and puzzles in life just as a kid. In fact, the questions have been increasing.

Suddenly, I heard kids clapping around me and my racing thoughts returned to the park.

The gentle and the tender smiles of the kids made me ponder further and I’ve realized that we engage ourselves in our chosen path of life and again re-live our childhood and memories with our kids.

May be its strange and that is the paradox of life, that we try to co-relate the ever flowing nectar of life with non-living objects. Nothing is permanent. Change is the Law of Universe. Learning and growth are an integral part of this change.

As a Law abiding student of this Universe, I wish to continue my learning. And guess how I’m planning to do it? By visiting the park frequently to keep my learning alive and share with you… 🙂 Continue reading

I wish I Could Talk……….

While taking a morning walk, I see people blocking the walking path with uninterruptible discussions on never-ending topics, I wish I could talk and ask them to let others enjoy the way in silence.

While going to home from walk, I see kids playing on main road, I wish I could talk and ask them to play in an Open Ground rather than a Main Road.

After reaching home I switch on the Television and see shows that exaggerate the reality, I wish I could talk and let people know about reality

Later, while commuting to office, I see the pedestrians being pushed into the corner by vehicle drivers. I wish I could talk and ask them to follow road rules

Having reached the office, I see my colleagues in a deep discussion on Women Empowerment through Women Directors mandated by Companies Act, 2013 I wish I could talk and let them know it is an initiative, let’s accept and be part of the change.

During Work, when a person handovers a project to be completed tomorrow at the earliest, I wish I could talk about Timelines and their importance

At Lunch, when few become choosy about food I wish I could talk about being blessed to have a four day meal.

Having gone through various issues in a day, while returning home when I stop at groceries and see the highly imbalanced common weight, I wish I could talk to him about Ethical Standards

While reaching home, when I see auto’s meter touching the sky, I wish I could talk to the driver about right billing and customer retention

While retiring for the day and I see the growing weeds in our surroundings I wish I could talk about cleanliness.

At the end, on an average day, I feel like talking about everything from iota to infinity, but in reality Silence is my first language.

Silence when coupled with patience often is mistaken as inability to talk. But the issue is not communication but how do we communicate? What am I supposed to do? Be a Voice Heard and dubbed to be Impatient? Or Be a Voice of Reason, giving Patient Advise and making a polite comment?

Whatever approach is chosen it has pros and cons. Neither is Perfect; nor there is a perfect solution for all the situations in our life. Sometimes, Silence Pays but most of the times Voice can only get things done.

There is space for every man’s need but there is no space for every creature’s Greed. A well known saying of Shri Gandhi; known to everyone. But how many of us appreciate it in the true sense?


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Happy Holi

 “The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.”
                                                                                       -Rabindranath Tagore

 Suddenly I realized that the above quote of the Nobel Laureate can stir deep and strong thought process. There is a lot to learn from this saying about butterfly. A wealth of knowledge is stuffed up in simple words, in a line.

Nature, the best teacher for mankind, teaches a best lesson with butterfly. A creature that lives for a very short span, starts life from an ugly stage and reaches the most beautiful phase. An adult butterfly’s life time is from few weeks to a year.  Yet, it adds so much of color, happiness and inspiration to those who come across it.  The inspirational thoughts which can be associated from a butterfly could range from a simple concept of change to rebirth. The structural coloration has also inspired Scientists in the field of Nano technology.

Life is a gift, Past cannot be undone, future is unseen. What we have is just ‘present’. So let us live it in full. Let us cherish each and every second and let the happiness we have be stored permanently in our hearts. Let us add color to this world, and make world a colorful place.

Hoping that you would drop gallons and gallons of colors on at least one person….Happy Holi.

P.S. It would be bliss if everyone uses Natural Colors.

The New Beginning.

“No Text should go unread
No picture should go unseen
No emotion should go unfelt…..”

The color of life is – picture, the value of life is – emotion. An emotion can be shared between people by a word, a piece of art, a hug, a smile and/or sometimes silence.

This blog is a journey of human emotions. A journey that started with ignorance and innocence, wishing to have company, a shoulder to lean on, a friend to share, an appreciative smile, a constructive criticism and above all, the sweetness of bonding – being one among all. Being a voice – that is recognized, a picture – that is appreciated, an emotion that is felt is indeed a gift.

I embarked into this exciting journey with my first book, Sensations of Solitude. (www.nandigama.in)  This blog is one more step in the same direction.

Happy Reading!!!