My Quest….

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”

– Matsuo Basho.

I might not know anything
But would like to say something
That for me is everything
To this world it could be nothing.

Today I begin a new virtual existence.

Welcome to my Virtual World. A world that I created to share my emotions and thoughts.

My Quest is……..

As a kid, I often wondered, how big this world is? Can I see all the places, touch all the souls on this planet? Thus began my wandering -an undeniable quest. Even after couple of decades on this planet, I am still nowhere. I could not reach everyone. That’s when the thought of blogging entered me.

With the help of WordPress and few good friends, I would like to start a new journey. A journey where I would not move from my place but yet meet people in various places. I can share my thoughts, emotions and feelings with words and pictures with everyone (who is interested :P)

So I start my journey with a simple poem.

Somewhere very far from reality
Where there is no harm or cruelty
There I start this wonderful journey
To reach you all in a lightning spree…………………

Wish me all the best.


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