You want to play with me Dear
Then you may hurt yourself in fear
You desire to mimic my tune & rhythm
It is a dangerous play but removes phantom
You wish to use my warmth when cold
It teaches courage and to be bold.

You hope to live and nurture in my space
Then you will learn to embrace me with grace
You dream to be fierce like me in all wars
Then follow your passions & reach the stars
As I’m the indomitable spirit in this universe
Learn to encompass this wisdom in all your verse.

Everything that begins has to end one day
Let this day be rejoiced as a day of rebirth of a ray
A ray that is as virtuous as fire & as pure as a dove
The phoenix shall rise from its own ashes to sow
The imprints & the beauty of this insight forever
In humanity, so that it never wavers again ever.

Who am I?

I’m Truth…


Do I know you?

When there is no peace in surrounding

When the heart is racing and pounding

When the feet are tight in bonding

Will I seek you for strength and rebounding


When words hurt my inner peace

When emotions leave me at unease

When thoughts are as stiff as chalk and cheese

Will I seek you as a source of Peace


When Time seems to go against

When Fate seems to play foist

When Luck is as sour as Yeast

Will I seek you as a ray from the East


I am a human struggling with choice

I am a form waiting for some great voice

I am a seeker searching for an unknown Source

Who am I seeking is unknown of course


You are an ultimate Choice

You are the Final Voice

You are the Only Source

You are my conscience course


You are the one who advises to be right and good

You are the one who waits to be felt and understood

You are the Strongest Source in this World

You are the Eternity Power my dear Lord.


But why don’t I seek you in pain

Why do I take your name in vain

Why can’t I see in sunshine and rain

Why will I muddle you in my Brain


Let me know you as a Painter

Let me appreciate you as a Creator

Let me know you are the ultimate Writer

You are the one who acts as Sculptor.

A Stranger

A stranger’s voice seemed to be familiar

Unknowingly dropping me into a daze

There is a feeling that I need to deliver

A message to this stranger without a faze


Started speaking hurriedly in a bizarre flow

The stranger replied but didn’t get the essence

Attempt to elucidate my message invited a hollow

Felt this is no more apt as it is making no sense


Not sure if this stranger is a foe or a friend

From the wild unknown past, yet I pronounce

This peculiar interaction as the very end

Of this meeting, as I wish not to denounce


I’m not capable to bear the wrath of denouncement

As I intended not to harm but hoped for greater good

Let this be called an announcement or a pronouncement

I wish to be free & not to be possessed by any hood


My message seems to be undelivered to the stranger

As the paths chosen are different- crazily or cautiously

Let there be no other meeting as I’m no game changer

Time answers the questions & I shall wait patiently.



I’m the flowing water that loves its own serenity

Of moving across plains, plateaus, hills in eternity


I’m the fluttering butterfly that adds colours

It helps in regeneration across the flowers


I’m the breeze that touches across lows & highs

It shall reach heart’s deepest core without any vies


I’m the blue sky that aspires to reach for stars

Adds amazement alike during bright & dark hours


I’m the burning fire that is always fighting away fear

To embark on a new journey with the near & dear


I’m a union of all these elements by divine miracle & grace

Yet question my existence in idiocy amidst this worldly race


A question that haunts me all day and night

Did I come to become a participant of a race or fight?


The answer is never affirmative, yet my restless mind

Is so used to this old patterns; but it shall one day find


A new dawn where all the questions ceases to exist

As my breath discoveres its purpose for this visit


Let this new dawn be showered on all those who wander

In search of clarity & light; & bestow with divine surrender


Let my existence be never questioned on any day

I shall move with the five elements just like a ray!

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She travelled an extra mile

To get back long lost smile

Took a deep breath for a while

To let go of any kind of vile


She just saw river water flow

The speed of her steps is slow

To remove all the buried hollow

To rise to new vision from low


She could feel the warm breeze

It gently removed all crease

She felt anew, calm & peace

It’s fresh, an effect of confusion cease


An orb guided her to a place

The stride there is sans race

Her inner beauty increased the pace

It gently lit brightly all the days


All the days of her life are now

Full of surprises, newness as she bow

To the divine call & unconditional Love

Her heart & actions are as pure as a dove


Everyone is given a chance to choose

This is the time to be diligent & muse

Life is not meant to be an unworthy ruse

It’s meant to add meaningful colour to the view


When the choices are made in true spirit

It shall be followed by myriad merit

The path for co-passengers is also lit

It is a decision of the heart & not wit.

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A Wait Worthwhile

Travelled down the steep memory lane

The track seemed at times grand yet lame

At other times it was mysteriously insane

Filled with glittering memories that never wane


The passage though quite old, at times

Seemed quite new, with fresh chimes

New messages & voices just like hymns

Are flowing that are like the new rhymes


Learnt from old faults & felt remorse  

Learnt to bury the old fury for a new course

It is time to bury all of it to open new doors

It is that hour of the day to re-begin with new source


With this acceptance moved towards the aisle

The brain was racing as if filled with puzzle

But the heart is slowly recovering from the hustle

To open a new door keeping away all past tussle


The new door is attractive & appeared bright

Touched the knob & opened heart to a new sight

It’s filled with illumination from an unknown light

All the past pain & pleasure is worth the wait!


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A Dialogue or Monologue

An alien with beautiful eyes and a smile full of grace encountered a human who seems to be engrossed about something. Their conversation is as below:

Alien: What is that you are thinking about?

Human: You must not have noticed, this world is full of issues, concerns. I have so many duties & responsibilities. It’s not that I’m not happy but there is a constant struggle to prove

Alien: To whom & what do you prove?

Human: We need to fight for our existence & prove that we are worthy for our work & literally everything- it’s called competition.

Alien: Survival of the fittest, is it?

Human: Yes

Alien:  It is an animal instinct. I thought humans are above these animal instincts. When you are blessed with bountiful of resources on this Mother Earth why do you still struggle?

Human: Because we all fight for the same pie. We struggle to prove our existence. But yes, sadly there are few of us who struggle to meet ends.

Alien: You appear to be a bit contradictory- when you know you are fighting for the same pie, why don’t you just move ahead?

Human: Alas, wish I knew what for I’m here, I would go after my pie.

Alien: Do you think you are sent on Earth to run after pies, collect souvenirs?

Human: What else should I do, I’m just bored. I should keep doing something to occupy myself and tell people around.

Alien: Do you live life for yourself or to prove to people around?

Human: Frankly speaking, to a great extent for the sake of people around me- responsibilities.

Alien: Working for the sake of others is indeed a great quality- then you should be always happy. But why is it not happening?

Human: Let me ponder……..May be because I don’t do it with my heart.

Alien: Any specific reason?

Human: May be because I’m scared to discover the ‘real me’. May be I’m just blaming the people around me- calling it responsibility & shunning my true nature.

Alien: What is your real nature?

Human: Being a human.

Alien: What is it being like a human?

Human: Humanity is a blessing. It gives one the brain to think, body to turn your thoughts into actions & a heart that can carry memories. A heart that can feel & bleed also- A soul that can imprint & touch upon many other souls-make a difference

Alien: Are you living this blessing?

Human: Not fully. But I shall from now. By the way who are you?

Alien: Can you answer this question for yourself?

Human: Until few moments back- no. But yes, now I can. I’m a Human

Alien: You are a Human blessed to experience life in each breath on this beautiful planet called Earth to carry your work wonderfully with Love.

Human: Nice definition…when you can define who I’m so well, I wish to listen to your words on who you are…

Alien: I’m an ‘Angel of Hope’, just like you are an ‘Angel on Earth.’

Human: Do you keep coming here?

Alien: I’m always with you; you just need to open your heart for my messages to flow. By the way, do no start defining ‘you’ again.

You are blessed with an existence to live & let live; not to prove your existence. Your existence is proved each moment you breathe in & breathe out. Craft your work with love not as a burden.

Human: “Live & let live- craft work with Love…”

The Angel of Hope vanished.

The human was left in a mesmerizing state, not sure if this strange meeting really did take place or has it happened inside the brain. No clue. But the message is simple & clear.

Lewis Quote

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Searched for light in a dungeon

Startled by the presence of a scion.

My scion is not from nobility

Not born or brought up in aristocracy.

Has the qualities of a warrior

Decided to be always a Savior.

Followed instincts till the last breath

Left traces & marks after death.

These marks are my memories

These traces are my treasuries.

I’ve worn them as shining amulets

That makes me flow like rivulets.

I do not have a portrait of yours

To show to the world that clears

The myth that you are imaginary

You are a grand scion & a legendary

I’m an amateur who cannot paint your glory

Nor can I showcase or portray your story.

Yet, I know the truth that you are there

You could quench the thirst of my quest in this fair.

Blessed is the soul who could accompany you

As in your presence everything presents in a new view

On one fine day this numbness turns to sensations

The mystery shall be beyond any language’s depictions.

Till that moment carefully wrapped in the deepest

Of my memories, you shall stay in my heart’s divine closet.

Unsung song of soul

Hope is the light that can be lit even in a dark alley

Faith is the bird that can sing even in melancholy.

Let us light the candle of hope in our heart

Let the bird of faith sing to re-create our art.

Let us take a step forward & rise after calamity

To learn & breathe in fresh essence to humanity.

Let us pledge to carry forward the torch of light

Let this sojourn be filled with pride and no fight.

Let the bird sing the unsung song of our soul till the destiny

Let the light enlighten us to spread this message till infinity…

Your portrait- my inspiration

A dream like view in the eyes

Looking above at the skies

Glowing & enchantingly nice

An expression that can stab vice.


A thought provoking gait

Unique combination of mercy & might

Self absorbed at any new sight

A presence blessed after a long wait.


A smile that can rob away all pain

It can cure even the stab or slain

A memory that can never ever wane

A treasure of hope that makes one sane.


A portrayal that reminds one’s purpose

A tale that reminds there’s nothing to lose

The human birth is for a noble cause

Each moment is the result of what we chose…