Living each moment of one’s life to the fullest Embracing the message in the given moment Spreading love and hope as it the richest Message carried on by us here with a wonderful scent.   The scent & beauty of spreading love and hope Shall make one feel complete & in solace This is the … Continue reading Bliss


A Dialogue or Monologue

An alien with beautiful eyes and a smile full of grace encountered a human who seems to be engrossed about something. Their conversation is as below: Alien: What is that you are thinking about? Human: You must not have noticed, this world is full of issues, concerns. I have so many duties & responsibilities. It’s … Continue reading A Dialogue or Monologue


Searched for light in a dungeon Startled by the presence of a scion. My scion is not from nobility Not born or brought up in aristocracy. Has the qualities of a warrior Decided to be always a Savior. Followed instincts till the last breath Left traces & marks after death. These marks are my memories These … Continue reading Scion