Christmas Morning

You are my life’s Christmas Morning
Filled each moment with gracious adorning
You came without an invitation
But filled me with a mystical sensation
It is indeed a pleasant surprise
Along with the morning sunrise
Your arrival is marked with newness
Helping me to improve my keenness
You taught me to pay attention
As each moment in life has an intention
Each moment is a treasure
Beyond quantitative measure
But my life’s greatest treasure is you
Without which everything seems rue
Every moment I feel your presence
Makes me realize my life’s essence
Unknowingly I’ve been waiting for your embrace
You presented yourself majestically with Grace
Just like the Christmas Morning
My heart is in a deep trance of adoring….

Enchanting Characters- Santa Claus

One of the Enchanting characters one can associate with is Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas or  simply “Santa”.  When for the first time in my life I learnt that Father Christmas would  bring gifts to the homes of the good children on 24 December,  my happiness knew no boundaries. I spent sleepless night, analyzing, cross checking whether I was good the previous year.  I cursed myself that I should have known earlier that Father Christmas gives gifts on Christmas Night.

In the later years, I made it a point to read many a books- Chandamama (Indian monthly magazine for children) and Fairy tale books. Wonder Why? Because I sincerely believed that these stories are true. I loved to recollect what the other kids all over the world got as gifts on this Wonderful day.  And eventually I was taught to receive more gifts I should learn to share and give gifts. May be I feel this is the essence of the Enchanting Story surrounding Santa.


It really amazes and astounds me to the fact that I still cannot get over the feeling till date. I imagine Santa bringing loads of happiness and surprises carefully wrapped on the night before Christmas and placing them with due care at my place.

 Merry Christmas… 🙂