Your Guidance


I carry with me the rare gifts showered

Those which You’ve graciously bestowed

These are the light for me in dark moments

At times counted as my achievements

They are neither my accolades nor

Do they define who I am in any war

These are neither my life’s sole identity

Nor do they fill me with feelings of superiority

These gifts are the humbleness

You taught by depicting kindness

Being patient in times of hardships

Not being slave to any ploys or whips

Striking the chord at the right time

Embracing friends & foes with same rhyme

You’ve fulfilled your celestial role here

Left it to us to learn to love and care

Your presence on earth is a divine delight

It is an infinite & eternal spread of light

Your journey fills one heart with might

Each recounted event is a new height

When one is blessed with Your guidance

Each moment is filled with reverence

This is the greatest gift ever given

Blessed are the souls who’ve taken!



30,240 minutes of a Quest to define happiness…May 11th, 2014- Day Nineteen of the Quest Wrapping a Gift…

Wrapping a Gift…

Each one of us remembers days when we shop extensively for our loved ones. There is an unexpressed calmness and confusion in this endeavor.  The confusion could be because of the reason that we try to think from their perspective; do they like our choice or should we check something else. Solace is for the reason that we forget ourselves in this task and start thinking  from their shoes. I think this is the reason why every culture has imbibed in it the act of exchanging gifts.

The task of shopping for the purpose of gifting our loved ones, sincerely hoping that they would love it and wrapping it carefully while filling it with love gives me immense happiness. Purchasing gifts on occasions like Mother’s Day or Birthday or any other event is something I love to do.

The happiness which a person expresses through his/ her eyes when they receive an unexpected gift is indeed incomparable. A rare spark appears in their eyes; may be because we wrap it with care, affection, love and sincere prayers.

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness”

― Esther Hicks

My conclusion:                           

One short and quick step for opening door of happiness is to wrap gifts for our loved ones filled with Unconditional Love.