An Identity

I wish the world to be a more peaceful place
Where humanity is not a mask but our face.
Wherein our identity is not measured
The differences in races are treasured.
Where we speak our heart & we work
For the betterment & not for a perk.
Wherein lies the greater good of the world
Let this part of human existence not be blurred.
A world wherein the primary identity is peace
Where all the turmoil & war shall cease…

The International Day of Peace or World Peace Day, is observed annually on 21st September


Search for identity or infinity?

I’m a wanderer who is in a quest
Always filled with unknown unrest
Wandering across mountains & plains
In scorching summer or when it rains
Reaching across new people and places
Or am I running away from worldly races?
But there’s a joy in keeping on moving
An association with the winds roaring
When I feel like resting for a while at a place
The place itself starts changing in new ways
Is change my shadow or my identity?
Or is this one of the ways to reach infinity
I’m not able to comprehend this logic
But what I can do is enjoy this magic
Let the future unfold and unravel
I wish to add co-passengers in this travel
Let this mystified lanes teach me to grow
Let me always stay humble to bow
To the nature’s myriad beautiful plays
That shines splendidly on the human race.