Your Guidance


I carry with me the rare gifts showered

Those which You’ve graciously bestowed

These are the light for me in dark moments

At times counted as my achievements

They are neither my accolades nor

Do they define who I am in any war

These are neither my life’s sole identity

Nor do they fill me with feelings of superiority

These gifts are the humbleness

You taught by depicting kindness

Being patient in times of hardships

Not being slave to any ploys or whips

Striking the chord at the right time

Embracing friends & foes with same rhyme

You’ve fulfilled your celestial role here

Left it to us to learn to love and care

Your presence on earth is a divine delight

It is an infinite & eternal spread of light

Your journey fills one heart with might

Each recounted event is a new height

When one is blessed with Your guidance

Each moment is filled with reverence

This is the greatest gift ever given

Blessed are the souls who’ve taken!





Your presence is the fragrance

That surrounds my essence

Reminds me your deeds & divinity

I try to comprehend there is infinity

Which I cannot yet grasp

But for which I breathe & rasp

Bless me that my breath in this journey

Shall encounter Your aura & infinity!

Unsung song of soul

Hope is the light that can be lit even in a dark alley

Faith is the bird that can sing even in melancholy.

Let us light the candle of hope in our heart

Let the bird of faith sing to re-create our art.

Let us take a step forward & rise after calamity

To learn & breathe in fresh essence to humanity.

Let us pledge to carry forward the torch of light

Let this sojourn be filled with pride and no fight.

Let the bird sing the unsung song of our soul till the destiny

Let the light enlighten us to spread this message till infinity…