Living each moment of one’s life to the fullest

Embracing the message in the given moment

Spreading love and hope as it the richest

Message carried on by us here with a wonderful scent.


The scent & beauty of spreading love and hope

Shall make one feel complete & in solace

This is the real medicine for a human to cope

From all gash & take pain & pleasure in same pace.


This is the simple & timeless truth of living

In times of pleasure & accepting pain as it is

With this realization in life; joyfully riding

 And beautifully carving the path with a gentle muse.


Action to help a living being; gives one freedom’s wings

It is the bliss of staying in someone’s heart forever

Living life with a purpose & contentment that rings

Proclaiming its motto as ‘live and let live’ is bliss forever!



In the moments of distress and despair

When your heart’s pain is beyond repair

At the times when storms hit you strong

You are unable to decide right or wrong

You are immersed in a sea of turmoil

Filled in trance like state of surreal

Everything around you appears like a passing

Your heart and brain’s thoughts are racing

Your voice starts becoming feeble

But your insides would like to rebel

This is a moment of tough fight

It is not a moment to pause or wait

Be brave, the world is for you to walk

Neither you nor anyone has a right to mock

Walk in silence but with firm steps

Each step should show your depths

It should echo your convictions

You are ready to fight any addictions

This is the moment to make a choice

To choose the easy path or your inner voice

Your inner voice guides you only till that day

When you’re ready to fight anything on your way

You’re new born steps should firmly resound

The pain that you’ve undergone & rebound

This is in itself a message to you & everyone

Life is for happy communion and not to run

Let’s pass on this simple message to all

So that our progeny don’t degrade or fall.