When stormy winds come to greet me

In the midst of my long & curvy path

Let me not forget that you are there to see

That I learn my lessons without any wrath


When dusty winds cross my day’s toil

In this journey of small steps to cover miles

Let me remember that there is no glory in foil

That which you taught with gentle smiles


When coarse winds cut across the reap

In this fertile land where I’ve sown my grains

Let me remind myself that it is no good to weep

That the heap shall accumulate later when it rains


When dry winds cut across my skin’s surface

In this new land of options & opportunities

Let me repeat that there are many faces in this race

That teaches the law of change & need for peace


When there is no more wind that I can feel some day

In this land which I thought was mine with pride

Let me revisit my efforts & memories in a way

That rejuvenates & adds essence to my soul’s stride…


A Stranger

A stranger’s voice seemed to be familiar

Unknowingly dropping me into a daze

There is a feeling that I need to deliver

A message to this stranger without a faze


Started speaking hurriedly in a bizarre flow

The stranger replied but didn’t get the essence

Attempt to elucidate my message invited a hollow

Felt this is no more apt as it is making no sense


Not sure if this stranger is a foe or a friend

From the wild unknown past, yet I pronounce

This peculiar interaction as the very end

Of this meeting, as I wish not to denounce


I’m not capable to bear the wrath of denouncement

As I intended not to harm but hoped for greater good

Let this be called an announcement or a pronouncement

I wish to be free & not to be possessed by any hood


My message seems to be undelivered to the stranger

As the paths chosen are different- crazily or cautiously

Let there be no other meeting as I’m no game changer

Time answers the questions & I shall wait patiently.

You are…

Who could have asked for a better gift, when you are the present, who could worry with regret when you are the past, who could fear the future when you are the future.

Let deeds be ignored, words be forgotten, emotions be undisclosed yet you and me are the truth, the only truth that matters.

When I feel stuck, I call you and when lost I find you.

When path leads to you, why would I need a direction, when every thought meets you who would worry with wandering mind.

I can see you rise from nowhere to every where yet be what I always wanted.

I can feel your presence in nothing and everything yet you are for me the only constant journey.

Neither words can define nor do pictures conquer

Neither emotions describe nor does truth disrupt

This is a Universal Truth- known to the Heart of the Hearts.

Yet, no text should go unread, no picture should go unseen and no emotion should go unfelt.

The day I see you in the mirror is the day my eyes meet you and shall be closed for the rest of eternity.

“Never fail to trust an unknown path to a known God.”