When stormy winds come to greet me

In the midst of my long & curvy path

Let me not forget that you are there to see

That I learn my lessons without any wrath


When dusty winds cross my day’s toil

In this journey of small steps to cover miles

Let me remember that there is no glory in foil

That which you taught with gentle smiles


When coarse winds cut across the reap

In this fertile land where I’ve sown my grains

Let me remind myself that it is no good to weep

That the heap shall accumulate later when it rains


When dry winds cut across my skin’s surface

In this new land of options & opportunities

Let me repeat that there are many faces in this race

That teaches the law of change & need for peace


When there is no more wind that I can feel some day

In this land which I thought was mine with pride

Let me revisit my efforts & memories in a way

That rejuvenates & adds essence to my soul’s stride…


Do I know you?

When there is no peace in surrounding

When the heart is racing and pounding

When the feet are tight in bonding

Will I seek you for strength and rebounding


When words hurt my inner peace

When emotions leave me at unease

When thoughts are as stiff as chalk and cheese

Will I seek you as a source of Peace


When Time seems to go against

When Fate seems to play foist

When Luck is as sour as Yeast

Will I seek you as a ray from the East


I am a human struggling with choice

I am a form waiting for some great voice

I am a seeker searching for an unknown Source

Who am I seeking is unknown of course


You are an ultimate Choice

You are the Final Voice

You are the Only Source

You are my conscience course


You are the one who advises to be right and good

You are the one who waits to be felt and understood

You are the Strongest Source in this World

You are the Eternity Power my dear Lord.


But why don’t I seek you in pain

Why do I take your name in vain

Why can’t I see in sunshine and rain

Why will I muddle you in my Brain


Let me know you as a Painter

Let me appreciate you as a Creator

Let me know you are the ultimate Writer

You are the one who acts as Sculptor.


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She travelled an extra mile

To get back long lost smile

Took a deep breath for a while

To let go of any kind of vile


She just saw river water flow

The speed of her steps is slow

To remove all the buried hollow

To rise to new vision from low


She could feel the warm breeze

It gently removed all crease

She felt anew, calm & peace

It’s fresh, an effect of confusion cease


An orb guided her to a place

The stride there is sans race

Her inner beauty increased the pace

It gently lit brightly all the days


All the days of her life are now

Full of surprises, newness as she bow

To the divine call & unconditional Love

Her heart & actions are as pure as a dove


Everyone is given a chance to choose

This is the time to be diligent & muse

Life is not meant to be an unworthy ruse

It’s meant to add meaningful colour to the view


When the choices are made in true spirit

It shall be followed by myriad merit

The path for co-passengers is also lit

It is a decision of the heart & not wit.

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An Identity

I wish the world to be a more peaceful place
Where humanity is not a mask but our face.
Wherein our identity is not measured
The differences in races are treasured.
Where we speak our heart & we work
For the betterment & not for a perk.
Wherein lies the greater good of the world
Let this part of human existence not be blurred.
A world wherein the primary identity is peace
Where all the turmoil & war shall cease…

The International Day of Peace or World Peace Day, is observed annually on 21st September

A Mystical Wand

At times I’m stuck for right choice of words
Wandering like a ghost in this forest of swords.
At other times my words flow without interruption
These expressions may seem to the world as disruption.
Slowly it became imperative to learn to be silent
This beautiful lesson has made me resilient.
There is an inner beauty in silence
Teaching the quality of self reliance.
Deep inside you there is a Wonderland
Opened only with a mystical wand.
This mystical wand can be termed as Peace
To cast its magic the external turmoil must cease!