You want to play with me Dear
Then you may hurt yourself in fear
You desire to mimic my tune & rhythm
It is a dangerous play but removes phantom
You wish to use my warmth when cold
It teaches courage and to be bold.

You hope to live and nurture in my space
Then you will learn to embrace me with grace
You dream to be fierce like me in all wars
Then follow your passions & reach the stars
As I’m the indomitable spirit in this universe
Learn to encompass this wisdom in all your verse.

Everything that begins has to end one day
Let this day be rejoiced as a day of rebirth of a ray
A ray that is as virtuous as fire & as pure as a dove
The phoenix shall rise from its own ashes to sow
The imprints & the beauty of this insight forever
In humanity, so that it never wavers again ever.

Who am I?

I’m Truth…


Rising Phoenix

You feel Divine Angels speaking
Opening new channels of thinking
There is a sense of twinkling
Your eyes are miraculously shining
Your entire frame is rising
It is a sign of a journey’s beginning
You can feel messages flowing
At times it seems time is freezing
This is living life with a meaning
Just like a phoenix rising!