I remember your gentle whispers during my soul’s quest

This is the elixir to my life’s existence on this territory

I pay my ovation to you on all moments in this fest

Your words are my shields that symbolize the ultimate victory


Countless battles are fought on this rough terrain

But I cannot forget your gentle & gracious sway

You’re healing words & the acts of valour I cannot refrain

From recollecting till my last breathe all through this way


I remember you not just for being on right path & victorious

But spreading across the message of unconditional Love

To this torn heart of drudgery your message was a gracious

And warm celebration of human existence, nothing else to prove


I’m blessed to have imprinted your memories on my soul

Grateful for having your gentle & warm words on my lips

My split & torn heart is joining itself to be complete & whole

With strength & courage to view & live life in all lows & highs.


Search for identity or infinity?

I’m a wanderer who is in a quest
Always filled with unknown unrest
Wandering across mountains & plains
In scorching summer or when it rains
Reaching across new people and places
Or am I running away from worldly races?
But there’s a joy in keeping on moving
An association with the winds roaring
When I feel like resting for a while at a place
The place itself starts changing in new ways
Is change my shadow or my identity?
Or is this one of the ways to reach infinity
I’m not able to comprehend this logic
But what I can do is enjoy this magic
Let the future unfold and unravel
I wish to add co-passengers in this travel
Let this mystified lanes teach me to grow
Let me always stay humble to bow
To the nature’s myriad beautiful plays
That shines splendidly on the human race.

Maze & It’s Presence

I entered a mysterious maze

Where in I lost my gaze

Too many things captured my attention

Slowly I got lost in this sensation

By the time I recovered, it is dusk

My heart beat fast & sank in the dust

Soon I fell into a deep slumber

My sleep was full of encumber

I woke up to see another dawn

And felt gentle like a swan

Then began my quest

Filled with unique jest

This is my expedition’s essence

The reason for the maze’s presence…