In the moments of serenity & silence

One is gifted with the beauty of resilience

The strange and queer ripples created

In the midst of happenings are cleared

The mind is clear out of all confusions

Every idea is bathed in diffusions

Those moments when the whole world

Is fast asleep, but you stay curled

Wide awake to your thought process

You listen to each moment with aptness

Paying more attention and respect

To life’s meaning & the prospect

Of finding a treasure deep inside you

That which opens a new view

A very clear view of the scenery

Filling the heart with a sense of victory.


A Mystical Wand

At times I’m stuck for right choice of words
Wandering like a ghost in this forest of swords.
At other times my words flow without interruption
These expressions may seem to the world as disruption.
Slowly it became imperative to learn to be silent
This beautiful lesson has made me resilient.
There is an inner beauty in silence
Teaching the quality of self reliance.
Deep inside you there is a Wonderland
Opened only with a mystical wand.
This mystical wand can be termed as Peace
To cast its magic the external turmoil must cease!

I wish I Could Talk……….

While taking a morning walk, I see people blocking the walking path with uninterruptible discussions on never-ending topics, I wish I could talk and ask them to let others enjoy the way in silence.

While going to home from walk, I see kids playing on main road, I wish I could talk and ask them to play in an Open Ground rather than a Main Road.

After reaching home I switch on the Television and see shows that exaggerate the reality, I wish I could talk and let people know about reality

Later, while commuting to office, I see the pedestrians being pushed into the corner by vehicle drivers. I wish I could talk and ask them to follow road rules

Having reached the office, I see my colleagues in a deep discussion on Women Empowerment through Women Directors mandated by Companies Act, 2013 I wish I could talk and let them know it is an initiative, let’s accept and be part of the change.

During Work, when a person handovers a project to be completed tomorrow at the earliest, I wish I could talk about Timelines and their importance

At Lunch, when few become choosy about food I wish I could talk about being blessed to have a four day meal.

Having gone through various issues in a day, while returning home when I stop at groceries and see the highly imbalanced common weight, I wish I could talk to him about Ethical Standards

While reaching home, when I see auto’s meter touching the sky, I wish I could talk to the driver about right billing and customer retention

While retiring for the day and I see the growing weeds in our surroundings I wish I could talk about cleanliness.

At the end, on an average day, I feel like talking about everything from iota to infinity, but in reality Silence is my first language.

Silence when coupled with patience often is mistaken as inability to talk. But the issue is not communication but how do we communicate? What am I supposed to do? Be a Voice Heard and dubbed to be Impatient? Or Be a Voice of Reason, giving Patient Advise and making a polite comment?

Whatever approach is chosen it has pros and cons. Neither is Perfect; nor there is a perfect solution for all the situations in our life. Sometimes, Silence Pays but most of the times Voice can only get things done.

There is space for every man’s need but there is no space for every creature’s Greed. A well known saying of Shri Gandhi; known to everyone. But how many of us appreciate it in the true sense?


“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

― Mahatma Gandhi