Your Guidance

I carry with me the rare gifts showered Those which You’ve graciously bestowed These are the light for me in dark moments At times counted as my achievements They are neither my accolades nor Do they define who I am in any war These are neither my life’s sole identity Nor do they fill me … Continue reading Your Guidance



When stormy winds come to greet me In the midst of my long & curvy path Let me not forget that you are there to see That I learn my lessons without any wrath   When dusty winds cross my day’s toil In this journey of small steps to cover miles Let me remember that … Continue reading Winds

A Dialogue or Monologue

An alien with beautiful eyes and a smile full of grace encountered a human who seems to be engrossed about something. Their conversation is as below: Alien: What is that you are thinking about? Human: You must not have noticed, this world is full of issues, concerns. I have so many duties & responsibilities. It’s … Continue reading A Dialogue or Monologue